Travel Procedures


When you have identified a conference or event you would like to attend, you must first seek approval from Joane. See the Trainee Handbook for full details.

When seeking approval, you must submit a proposed budget. You can base it on the sample found by clicking this link.


You are welcome to book all of your travel on your own and seek reimbursment later. However, if you would like assistance in covering costs up front, please follow the instructions below.


You may book your registration yourself or make an appointment with Natalie to visit IPSR and complete registration there so she can pay the bill upfront. If you choose to pay for the registration yourself, please be sure keep your receipt as it will be required for reimbursement.


Natalie can cover airfare costs up front in one of two ways. First, you can make an appointment to see her in IPSR and complete the booking there. Or, you can reserve your itinerary online (via expedia/travelocity or directly through the airline) and send her your login and password so that she can complete the booking remotely. Please be sure to double and triple check your dates!


Please make all hotel reservations yourself and be prepared to pay a deposit and the final bill yourself, and submit receipts for reimbursement. We understand that this may occasionally present problems. If the cost is too much for you to cover, please let Natalie know.


When you are NOT on fellowship, but are a GTA or GRA you will need to complete the KU Travel Expense Report found at the link below. Please leave all account information blank and submit your completed form to Natalie within 30 days of returning from your trip.

When you ARE on fellowship, you will need to complete a Contractual Services Form found at the link below. Please remember to complete both sides of the form and submit your completed form to Natalie within 30 days of returning from your trip.

Contractual Services Form